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Ultraviolet rays technology have been discovered in 1879 to be a useful technology for cleaning infectious spaces. Since being discovered as a disinfectant, UV light has been used in a broad range of commercial, industrial, and medical applications. Hospitals have embraced UV lights as a cleaning tool for years, using large, industrial-grade machines to decontaminate rooms.

Bacteria and germs lurk everywhere and whether you like it or not, they thrive and multiply at the comfort of your personal space.
You can constantly spraying disinfectant in your home to get rid of bacteria and germs but unless their DNA is disrupted, bacteria and germs will just continue to replicate and grow exponentially!


Ultraviolet (UV) light is a component of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls in the region between visible light and X-Rays. UV-C rays have the shortest wavelength, and therefore highest energy they are capable of killing bacteria and viruses, also called pathogens by damaging the DNA in the bacteria, resulting in death or the inability to reproduce. The Armorix gear device was designed to provide you the ultimate and comfortable solution for your daily sterilisation use.


DNA & RNA is the genetic material that makes up all living organisms, controlling their growth, development, function and reproduction. UV light produces electromagnetic energy that can destroy the ability of microorganisms to reproduce by causing photo-chemical reactions in nucleic acids (DNA & RNA).
In simple terms, when bacteria or another type of microbe is directly exposed to UV light, it disrupt their DNA and stop them from reproducing.
  • Chemical Free
  • Endless Variety of Uses
  • Quick & Easy to Use (Takes less then 30 second to kill 99.9% of microbiomes. Just sweep it across the surface you desire to clean and sterilise)
  • Travel Friendly
  • Battery Indicator (Full (100%), Medium Battery (66%), Low Battery (33%)
  • Safety Sensor (Built in sensor that will only allow the UV-C LEDs to turn ON if the device is facing down, (cut-off angle is 30°) reducing the risk of shining harmful UV light in your eyes)
  • Built in Timer (Built in timer that will automatically shut-off after 3 minutes since it was turned on)

Additional information

Weight 3.9 g
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 35 cm



UV-C is harmful to eyes and skin:

  1. Do not look at the light from UV-C LEDs or shine the light in eyes.
  2. Protect your skin. Do not use shine the UV-C light on skin.
  3. Always direct the UV light AWAY from the eyes and skin.
  4. Keep away from children and pets.
  5. Risk of Electric Shock. The UV-C device is not waterproof. Do not use device in vicinity of water. Do not use the device if it becomes wet or submerged in liquid. Do not use any liquid or spray cleanser to clean the device. Use a dry cloth only.

Operational Instructions

  1. Put the UV-C LEDs facing the item keeping the distance of 3-5cm (1-2 inches) from the item.
  2. Press the power button twice quickly to turn the device on. After the battery status lights illuminate and you hear one beep, the device is ready to use.
  3. Hold UV-C wand approximately 1-2 inches from surface and gradually move the wand over the entire surface. Allow the UV light to stay on each area for 10 seconds to ensure optimum exposure. The device will beep once every 10 seconds to remind you to move onto next area.
  4. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, the device will turn OFF.
    NOTE: The device will turn OFF automatically after 3 minutes since it is turned on.

Warranty Information

14 Day Money Back Guarantee. We back every sale with a 14-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, if it just doesn’t work for you, return it. Within 14 days of receipt, products purchased from us may be returned for any reason. (If original product packaging has been opened or product has been used, we will refund the purchase amount in form of a credit that you can use to purchase any additional products from our website or store. We don’t refund shipping costs unless items are defective.)


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